I got a crazy head of hair. The difference between the top and sides are night and day lol. I do not know what the back looks like at all. So, I guess my sides are 4A and the top is 3B or C or a mixture of both .

I have been trying to find products to work with my hair, but it is so hard. Nothing works and It is always dry. The only thing that works best that I have tried so far is Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel. On top of that trying to find a styling technique for my hair. The top is easier to work with than my sides. Right now I have 2 1/2 inches at the top and 2 inches on the sides. Will it get easier the longer it gets? Also is there anyway I can make my hair soft with gel? like putting a leave in under it or something? Because gel always makes my hair hard.
Conditioner: Axe: Just Soft Conditioner

Shampoo: Taliah Waajid - Total Body Shampoo

Styling Product - Axe: Style and Shine
& Ampro Styl Gel

Hair Type: 4a