Essentially we just said the same thing
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This is posted under FAQs on the website:

Q: Why is this product slightly thinner/thicker than the last one I received?

A: QB products are made fresh using natural oils, butters and emulsifiers so slight differences in texture from batch to batch may occur. This will not affect performance. A thinner batch will thicken over time as is the nature of certain emulsion systems.

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@Cerendipity I was responding to the above that is bolded.

@Juana hopefully you won't have experience the same with the Burdock (fingers crossed for you)

In all fairness she could have very well not seen it. Or even forgotten. Having inquiries come in from customers from various different outlets, I'm suure had you emailed via the website you would have gotten a response. When I had a biz customers could contact me via my website. I checked them frequently but an email through a website is immediate esp if it goes through a contact form. I don't think she intentionally ignored you.

EDIT: ok I saw where you emailed through the website. Does this product contain cetyl alcohol? If she reduced the amount of cetyl alcohol so that it may pump through a bottle this could/would effect thickness and conditioning/moisture performance. Cetyl alcohol makes a huge diff in moisture from my experience and even 1% less can be noticeable.
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@Lovemenappy I gotcha. I was thinking differently considering she logs into LHCF almost everyday answering questions in the QB sponsored thread. Either way, whats done is done.

But yes the product does contain Cetyl Alcohol (0_0) But if that was changed, wouldn't that be considered a formula change? Or are you asking about just a possible recipe glitch from batch to batch?