I think some may be missing the point. Yes the texture is different but PERFORMANCE has also been varied as well.

I've used this one specific product for a couple years religiously each wash day and have experienced different textures and SCENTS with the product still doing what I know it to do.

What I'm discussing now has nothing to do with texture or scent but PERFORMANCE. That is all I care about.

When my hair is still dry as a desert after using CTDG when it is normally nice and supple, that is a problem.

Hopefully you all will get where I'm coming from.
Originally Posted by westndnbeauty
Precisely what my issue is.

In my experience, the product does perform significantly different since put in the bottle as opposed to the jar. If she's gonna say the formula isn't changed even the slightest bit I find that hard to believe. But whatever.lol I know I'm sane and it's not the end of the world. I wish it worked the same for me but it just doesn't. I could have kept my complaints to myself but I always keep it 100 about my experiences. I would want others to do the same. Plus, I'm not a paid endorser or have any personal ties to the company so me holding back serves me no purpose. I have paid for every jar and bottle of Qhemet I have ever used and i will continue to do so, with respect to the circumstances of my coins. I still love the products, and I still like the CTDG. It's just that "little goes a long way" mantra doesn't really apply to me anymore.lol

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