Well I am mixed and my hair is naturally curly. When I straighten my hair it does not look Afro textured. People tell me that my hair looks Indian when straightened. However, my black friends keep telling me that I have nappy hair. I thought that nappy hair was curly hair that when straightened still looks African. I'm very confused. By the way, I hate the word nappy. I find it really offensive. Also, I'm not racist. I would just like some clarity. And if anyone knows another word for nappy- please let me know. Thank you

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Is this for real???? You are offended and hate a word you don't understand?? And why are you telling us you are not a racist?

Among all the NC posts I have ever seen this is near the top of the most bizarre and I'm seriously wondering if this is a bad joke. In this Internet and google age I find it hard to believe someone thinks "nappy" has anything to do with how someone's hair looks when straight.

Anyway, if you look in the dictionary you will see nappy is generally used to mean tightly curled hair. But the word is subjective and is also an insult for unkempt or tangled hair. Black people don't have exclusive rights to the word. I have often heard white people refer to their hair as nappy if it has any curl or kink to it or they have trouble combing it.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.