So I decided to e-mail through Qhemet's website.

Here is what my message said:

I've messaged you on June 23 about my experience with the newly bottled CTDG through LHCF and I received no response. Just today I came across a thread on Naturally Curly where someone seems to be having the same experience as myself with the CTDG not working they way it previously did.

Has there been a change in the product?

In June I literally did a side-by-side with CTDG from one batch (purchased in March) and CTDG from another batch (purchased in June). Each product was on either side of my hair and they both performed differently. That was my confirmation.
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WNB, not making excuses, but I wondering of this has come about because she is trying to get into mass production. Perhaps you should point out to her that more than just you are having problems with performance. Better that is caught now and remedied, than to lose long time customers.

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@juanab I did mention others (see original email above). I really thought it might have been something related to with the mass production and that's why I brought it to her attention.

Also, I do think she had already achieved mass production. If you look at Sage's website, they have huge volumes of her products. Just the other day they had 61 CTDG and right now they have 45 AOHC. I've never seen numbers above 25 of any one QB product since she has been working with Sage.

Also Sage is talking about having a sale in the near future. This will be the first sale since black friday/carrying QB products.

@CocoT Thanks for your co-sign chica!