I don't know if it will get easier as it gets longer since I just big chopped on 07/24/12. I can tell you this. My top and back are 3b. My sides when I started were 4a but now 3c and I honestly believe that's because it is not my true hair texture but actually scab hair. I say this because the sides of my hair were severely damaged with the use of relaxer prior to going natural. My hair was also EXTREMELY dry when I started but co-washing daily helped. I don't use products with sulphates or silicones. I now get all-day moisture (yay). Using regular conditioner as a leave-in helps the gel crunch. What porosity is your hair? My hair has high porosity and LOVES protein. If you have low porosity protein will dry out your hair (so I've read). What products do you use?

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3C, CG Method, Low porosity, Low density, Medium Width