Can we stop the posts starting with "I'm mixed... but/and-" *I'm sorry for the all caps, but I think it is necessary when I ask, WHY DO PEOPLE THINK BEING MIXED MATTERS SO MUCH WHEN IT COMES TO HAIR?*

There is very much variation within all races when it comes to hair, just like skin color and facial/body features. Plenty of "mixed" children come out with kinky, brillo-pad textured hair, just as you can't determine what other traits they will have.

Lastly, if nappy means "straightened hair that still looks African," and you are offended by the word, but yet you claim you don't know what it means, I'm going to go out on a limb and say you have a problem with your hair reflecting any "African-ness." You weren't offended by your hair being called Indian, and you didn't ask for another term for that, which isn't helping your "I'm not racist" case.

My answer: Yes, if your black friends are telling you that you have nappy hair, you probably have nappy hair. And real talk- if you straighten your hair and you're worried people can still tell you are "African," maybe it's not your hair that's the real problem.

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