woah! I'm getting lots of feedback. Well I just started transitioning and I come from a Hispanic country so I usually say I'm Hispanic. Ever since I came to the states, it's very different from my country. I don't mean to upset anyone here. At adthomas i hate the word because I thought it was bad since the Black girls here don't like it when it comes to them but they can say it to anyone else. Well here is one person that supports what I thought nappy meant What is nappy hair????? - Yahoo! Answers
I said I was not racist because where I live most Black girls do not like it when people, especially of a different race call their hair nappy. I know some people find that word offensive. I don't know why you got so upset. It's because of people like you that students don't wanna ask questions in class because people like you will say that it's a dumb question. There's no such thing as a dumb question.
At AnnieRose there is nothing wrong with nappy hair. If anything, I just don't like the word because of where I live. I love my natural hair but just like some people are confused over if they have 4a/4b hair, I was confused over what it meant.
At Wumi there's nothing wrong with being black. I never said anything like that. If anything, you put those words in my mouth. I was asking for clarity on what it meant to have nappy hair. I even asked if there was a different word for it because I do not like it. Where I live, it's not a nice word. I didn't ask for another word for Indian because it's not an offensive word where I live. It is important that i state that I am mixed because we mixed people suffer from identity issues. We don't fit in with Blacks because of our skin color, and we don't fit in with Whites because of our hair. Blacks call me white and Whites call me Black. I'm Hispanic so it's easier for me but Hispanic is not a race. For anyone who has any doubts, I am proud to have both black and white cultures in me (as well as Spanish, Filipino, and French). I embrace my heritage and I love who I am. I get to be part of all these cultures and not a lot of people get to do that. Why would anyone want to deny something that God gave them? He gave me my hair and I am embracing it to the max. My hair is so versatile.

I guess everyone has different meanings for the word. CurlyCutie thanks for your response. It gave me a lot of clarity, especially since straight hair is so important in my country! You guys go hard on someone who comes from a different background and has recently learned to love everything about me. Next time, I think I'll stick to asking my mom or my close friends. They know me and won't judge me off a post that I was confused about. This is a free country and you can think whatever you wanna think, but at the end of the day I know who I am and nobody can take that away from me. Thank you all for your input.

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