adthomas: did you not read the last post I made? I'm proud to be everything and when people ask me if I'm Black, I tell them yes I am and I'm also Hispanic, White, Filipino, etc. I do not deny my roots. I love them. I will say this again- the reason why I said I'm not racist is because other Black women where I live do not like the word and consider it offensive!!!
I have never seen such ignorance! You try being from different cultures, trying to fit in with all, and being treated like an alien from all. And even with that, i still love my hair and my roots. I will never deny something God gave me. It's so sad that people on here would think badly of me. By the way, I'm not Bohemian-- I'm Hispanic! Bohemian is for the way I dress (boho chic). Thank you but your ignorance is not needed or appreciated.