Thanks! I am now trying to figure out a way to style the back of my hair so it won't clump so much. Yes, I know what the back looks like now. What I mean by clump is my curls get stuck together almost looking like I twist it. So then I have to pull the curls from each other. Is there anything I can do about this or I just have to live with it.

What hair type does the back of my hair look like? Also does it look like twists or just clumped curls?

Hair Type-100_0633.jpg

See how crazy my head is? It's all kind of textures and types mixed in here...
Conditioner: Axe: Just Soft Conditioner

Shampoo: Taliah Waajid - Total Body Shampoo

Styling Product - Axe: Style and Shine
& Ampro Styl Gel

Hair Type: 4a

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