adthomas: did you not read the last post I made? I'm proud to be everything and when people ask me if I'm Black, I tell them yes I am and I'm also Hispanic, White, Filipino, etc. I do not deny my roots. I love them. I will say this again- the reason why I said I'm not racist is because other Black women where I live do not like the word and consider it offensive!!!
I have never seen such ignorance! You try being from different cultures, trying to fit in with all, and being treated like an alien from all. And even with that, i still love my hair and my roots. I will never deny something God gave me. It's so sad that people on here would think badly of me. By the way, I'm not Bohemian-- I'm Hispanic! Bohemian is for the way I dress (boho chic). Thank you but your ignorance is not needed or appreciated.
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You just answered your own question. Nappy is typically an insult. If you want to talk about ignorance then let's talk. I was highly offended by your post and was very close to reporting you to the moderators as a troll. You wrote that knowing full well nappy is often used as an offensive term typically directed at black people. It is not so much that you asked the meaning of a word that is easily found in Webster's dictionary but all that extra stuff clearly had an anti African undertone to it. I'm not buying your whole victim act. I actually wonder if you wrote that because you knew it would tick people off. Everybody has struggles in life no matter what their background. I'm actually Choctaw and Irish and black but choose to identify as black but that choice is for each individual to make. I'm sorry you don't feel accepted. I actually could care less about your race and as someone said it doesn't mean much as far as hair. You made racr an issue from the jump by 1) telling us you're mixed 2) going into the whole black firiends and straight hair not looking afro textured story.
When all you really had to say was "what does nappy mean? " And left it at that. If it became about race then you made it racial so I don't see why you are complaining about being persecuted.

And yes, your hair looks like kinky hair that has been straightened. I would never call someone's hair nappy. this is a nice place but what you wrote was not nice. What really rubs me wrong with the "mixed" stuff (which is totally irrelevant to the nappy question) is everyone knows "mixed" people are shoved down black people's throats as having "good" hair or hair that is superior/more beautiful and to me that is exactly what you did. So don't insult people then wonder why they are being "mean" to you. I hope you have a great day.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.