how did i answer my own question if i still don't truly understand what it is?why would i be a troll if i put a picture of the real me?and why would i want to insult Black people if I am Black as well? it doesn't make sense? and i'm not trying to make myself look like a victim. like i said mixed people go through things like this all the time. I'm supposed to know everything about Blacks because I'm Black and I'm supposed to know everything about White, Filipino because I'm all of those? I have been so absorbed with my Hispanic culture that I never got the time to know exactly what nappy was. In my country, African hair is "bad hair" and I have gone against everything and everyone by transitioning. Not even my family supports it. But I chose it because I WANT to embrace what God gave me.I don't care if I look more Black or more White or more ANYTHING- I will look like how God wants me to look-the way he designed me to look with my natural hair! I don't use Webster's dictionary because I thought asking other Black women,like me, would be more insightful instead of reading something that was probably written by someone not black. i mentioned race because my Black friends tell me my hair texture is the way it is because I am mixed. "your hair grows so long because you're mixed" "your hair is so pretty because you got everything in you" Everything I mentioned is because of what I have heard from my Black friends! I am not familiar with the Black community since I am Hispanic and my parents don't even speak English. It wasn't until I started transitioning that I started finding out all this information on Black hair, as well as what I have heard from my friends over the years. So I was asking a question. I don't understand what nappy hair is and does my race have anything to do with why my hair is different than someone else's? That's why I mentioned everything I did- because I didn't understand. You insulted me by putting words in my mouth and saying that I feel superior and that I need to accept my Blackness. It's obvious that I do. I've said it numerous times. All my life, all I've known is Hispanic customs. Now that I am embracing my Blackness, I'm getting hammered for it. I don't get it?? Just because I do not understand something, I need to get crapped on?