You know what guys, it doesn't matter what you say because I love me and God loves me. I don't understand why you guys would attack someone without even knowing them. i expected nice responses because my intentions were genuinely good and I never thought that people would think I was something I am not. I should have known better. maybe i should have reworded the question, but i didn't think it would be as bad as where it's at now. I'm done with this thread. many biracial and multiracial people go through problems like this just like me. we're used to it. people don't understand unless their in our shoes. this website helps me out a lot and maybe it will help you guys too understand what I go through. It's a bit humorous but it's still issues that sometimes hurt us because people don't understand. Mixed People Problems
Mixed Girl Problems
You all can think whatever you'd like but just know that you judged me unjustly and didn't even give me a chance to explain myself without hammering me. i thought this was a nice website that would help me with my transitioning but i was wrong. I will continue to transition without letting it be known to the public. i will never let go of my dreams just because people are trying to put me down and shred me to pieces. with that said, i'm out.
"Before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes"
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Seriously? You're gonna make this into a "mixed girl problem"?
Okay, from one mixed girl to the other: stop it. This has nothing to do with you being mixed. Maybe you should re-read your first post. You're contradicting yourself by saying that you don't know what nappy means and at the same time knowing that it is offensive (also the line about Afro-textured hair shows that you do know that the term nappy is a racial slur for aforementioned hair type). That makes no sense.
You are a grown person who can do her own research. We are on the internet - google it.
I am not American either nor have I ever been to the states but I managed to find out about this topic without insulting anyone in the process. There are so many places where you could have looked it up. And for future purposes you should take that to heart.
There is inherently nothing wrong with asking about something you don't understand but your post makes it very hard to sympathise. You don't want Afro-textured hair and we're supposed to tell you that it does NOT look nappy....come on now.

You also do know that mixed people come in all shades and some of us do have kinky hair. I am not saying that being mixed doesn't have it's problems. But I'd argue that hair is one of the lesser ones. If it is even a problem to begin with.
I was initially not going to harshly "attack" you for your question but this "mixed girl problem"-thing just angers me.
I hope you realize that the harsh responses you got where more defensive than attacks on your person.
Remember that most curlies on here had to fight mindsets like yours at some point.