The back looks like a combination of 3c/4a. It does look like you finger coiled the back but it's not a bad look. I think you should try co-washing for a week to see how it works for you. If you're willing try this:

1. Clarify your hair with a shampoo free of silicones but still has sulfates. You need the sulfates to wash out the silicones.
2. For the rest of the week, co-wash daily using a sulfate-free/silicone free conditioner like Garnier Pure Clean conditioner (one free of protein since you're low porosity).
3. Dry your hair using an old t-shirt (even a pillow case). Towels fibers rip the hair.
4. Consider doing a pre poo (this can be done with olive oil or another oil...not coconut because it contain protein). This helps to moisturize your hair follicles to prepare it for co-washing.
5. Choose a conditioner to leave-in (protein free). Put this on in the shower so that your hair cuticle will be open from the steam and help to moisturize your hair (due to the low porosity).
6. Keep using your Eco Styler olive oil gel (because it doesn't contain protein).

I think if you do this your curl pattern will start to become more cohesive. This is part of the Curly Girl Method (not really just for women...just the name of the book). You can also check out this book at your local library. Choose the second edition because it has a section for men. It's by Lorraine Massey. It took me two weeks to see any moisture but I think it's because I forgot to clarify my hair the first week (to big of a hurry to get started and went straight to co-washing), :-)
3C, CG Method, Low porosity, Low density, Medium Width