That sound like my hair. I really like long hair and am unwilling to cut off any length, but what I do cut is long single curls to make it appear as though I have layers. I try to shake my dry hair to fall naturally, then I use a mirror to look at the back and pick out curl clumps usually smaller in diameter from my canopy. Then I trim off about 1/2" or more to make it shorter than the rest of the mass but not too short so that it looks odd, in a V shape pattern staggering the cuts.

These shorter pieces curl up over top of the major bulk of hair, camoflaging that part that doesn't curl as well as the rest.
I hope that makes sense...My hair is cut to a point in the back, mostly because I am still in a growing stage and my hair grows about that way anyway. But you can still achieve this with a rounded bottom cut too. I still have yet to teach my DH how to do this, he is a little apprehensive about cutting my hair. But it is only fair, I have been cutting his for years.
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