I'm pretty new at this, so I can't answer your questions, sorry. I just wanted to tell you your curls are beautiful!

I wouldn't be surprised if you have new curlier growth. I blow dried and straightened my hair for years, then used a curling iron to put curl in where I wanted it. A couple of years ago, after one bad hair cut after another, I got my hair permed in hopes of growing out my hair and growing out those bad hair cuts with a little bit of grace. My last perm was 11 months ago. It's been 2 years of no blow drying or straightening, or styling, very little heat of any kind on my hair; just scrunching. Now I'm seeing curls that I'm pretty sure (hoping) are mine! I think it's possible!
My hair: TBD, but appears to be 2B/2C, medium density, medium porosity with higher porosity on chemically treated ends, medium width.

Permed 1 year ago, should be mostly grown out and cut off. I'm not sure how much of these curls are my own.

Current products being used: DC No poo, DC conditioner, DC gel, FSG