So for a while I lived in a world where if you're hair did not curl up into a spiral tight curl, you have straight hair and then burned your hair until it was stick straight. Which would take up to 2 hours! I have tried to let my hair air dry, but for a while I was not a fan. To me I would describe it as looking like "homeless hair". It is thick, almost 1C straight the very top layer but 2c through out and if I did not use a certain amount of product, OH the frizz! Now I'm at the point where I want to accept my natural hair because I have noticed the back lash of burning it with hair dryers and straighteners. My thick hair is starting to be thinner! So I am here to be schooled in the ways of wavy hair. I am completely lost for what to look for when it comes to my hair type. If I buy any curly hair products, I feel like if I use too much that it is too oily for my hair. And I'm not sure if my hair can do the "second day hair", I wake up with pretty oily hair, when I have attempted to try.

So this is me, asking the hair gurus for help!