I find it to be just an okay conditioner. First of all, I HATE the bottle it comes in. I find it really difficult to squeeze out the product, especially when the bottle is less than half way full (maybe that's the actual thickness of the product itself though). What I REALLY hate is how the letters on the bottle flake off when they get wet, which is hard to avoid since you use conditioner in the shower (duh). They flake off onto my hand and are hard to get off, so they end up getting in my hair. Not attractive.

The actual product itself is okay. It's a bit too rich for my hair and doesn't detangle my hair at all. It weighs down my hair but moisturizes really well. For me it works better as a DT than a RO or a LI. If you want a bit more weight to your hair this might work though, but I definitely don't recommend it for detangling!

3a, fine hair, high density, normal porosity and elasicity
Low poo: Coloresse Moisture Shampoo
PT: Cure Care Conditioner
Sealant: Grapeseed oil
Other useful things: Homemade spray gel (diluted LI, gel, and sealant)
Love plopping and air drying!
Hate blow drying (cept for my bangs which *gasp* I blow dry straight!)