AOGBP is a rinse out conditioner with protein. It's not a PT. I think the PT is Blue Algae Conditioning Mask. I occasionally use it as a li.

IMHO, the best PT is CJ Repair Me. It's a moisturizing PT, so you don't have to do a DT. After that is the SS Repair Treatment and then CJ Curl Fix. I use some of the "less" strong PTs (like the Algae Mask) as leave ins: Curl Fix, SSI Okra Repair, Mozeke Carrot Protein, etc.

Aphogee makes a REALLY strong PT. I've never used it and wouldn't bother. It's supposed to smell horrible and can be problematic to use.
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Thanks for such a prompt reply, kathymack! Ingredients look great, except propylene glycol can make my scalp itch at times; however, it's low enough on the list of ingredients that I'd love to give it a try. Any tips on where to get the best price on CJ Repair Me? Does CJ do coupons often or something like that?

I'd been looking at Aphogee, Nexus Emergencee, Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor (any thoughts on this one?),... Funnily enough, even though I love Aubrey Organics, I hadn't even thought of trying their Blue Green Algae Conditioning Mask!
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