I also wanted to mention that I have figured out that if I use RR and LOOB I get better curls if I plop before I put mousse in then plop again. I think that because I have so much hair that the excess water weighs the curls down while the mousse is drying. If I plop out the excess water I get more volume and better spirals. I also have found that when I squish in mousse I do it in the same fashion that I squish out excess water and it also helps to encourage better clumping and spirals. It usually takes 2 or 3 softball sized amounts of mousse for good hair saturation. I think that mousse works better when hair is not sopping wet unlike gels which are the opposite.
I am loving HE Totally Twisted mousse right now. It makes my hair really shiney, does not feel producty and is not drying so far. Plus it is cheap, and usually on sale somewhere. I do use gels occasionally, but I am leaning more to mousse right now because of the application issues of gel. It takes alot and takes forever to dry, I keep it on hand for super humid days.
Cincinnati Ohio>>>Coarse protein sensitive 3a, Jessicurl WDT as a leave in, Biotera gel, White Boots, PW= coffeecurls

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