1) Do you really need a ACV rinse after using this bars or will a conditioner suffice? If so, at what point during the washing would you use the rinse?

For me, yes, but we have very hard water. On wash days (once or twice a week), I wash with the shampoo bar, rinse with diluted ACV, and use a RO conditioner (I let the conditioner sit for a few minutes while I shave). On non-wash days I just use the RO conditioner.

2) How have they worked for you? What difference do you see in your hair?

No real difference from other gentle shampoos, but my hair tends to look the same no matter what I wash with as long as my routine is the same. My hair is very healthy but color-treated.

3) What advantage do you see to these as opposed to low-pooing?

I switched to shampoo bars as part of an overall switch to more natural health products. I feel better about what I put on my body now. I feel like they get my hair cleaner than just co-washing.

I've used a few different ones and have had generally good results. I tried the conditioner bar and didn't notice that it was much more moisturizing than the regular ones. I find the scent doesn't really matter because you are going to kill it with ACV immediately!