I'm assuming if I run my hands through my hair and there is a shiny residue from product I need to clarify.
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Not necessarily, some of my best moisturizers (without cones or polyquats) do this and I can still apply more of them or another product and have it penetrate. I think when products no longer perform like they used to, consider clarifying.

P.S. My hair has been getting thicker as opposed to longer. Should I consider this as progress?
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What do you mean? As in you are not retaining length, but you have more strands on your head, more dense? What part in your routine did you notice this? I ask because type 4 hair will appear more dense during the shampoo and condition phase bc hair is free to curl tightly to the scalp, so length is hidden while density appears to have increased.

Good to hear that you are making progress in pinning down a routine![/QUOTE]

When I noticed my hair "appearing" as if it got thicker, it would be after I took them out of twists. When I first started taking care of my natural hair, the back of my hair was a little sunken and now its completely fluffed out, and I can not say its because I've stretched my hair better when doing twists, because I haven't changed how I do my them.

Secondly I had a great twist out from Cantu hair dressing pomade but I will have to give it up or use less because it's virtually greasy. I put a palm in my hair and its fully coated which I don't think is normal. My low porosity hair may not be taking the product, but just letting it sit on top of my strands.

Lastly, as of late I am not getting breakage so much in the bulk of my hair BUT I am trying to preserve my ends. I am paranoid they're breaking off.Every time I do twists, I've tried to moisturize them, and then seal with jojoba oil. This is stunting my length retention.