Natural soap/shampoo bars were really popular on the boards about four years ago. I had been cowashing for six months and it took me a few months to try the one I got free with a henna order. All I can say is WOW. I've used them every since. Only used one CV bar and only once. It was a BIG problem for me. If that was the first bar I used, I would have never used another. I was finally able to narrow down the ingredient my hair HATED. It's the castor oil. I can't use it in hair products (unless it's PEG modified), either.

I used to do an ACV rinse after each use. There was a lot of discussion whether or not it should be before or after the conditioner. I originally did it before, but eventually did it after. I got to the point where I stopped doing it. The purpose of the ACV rinse is to restore the pH balance of your hair. Soap is alkaline, hair is acid. I got to the point that I felt that the products I use have the proper pH, so I stopped doing it. I do get my hair cut every six weeks, so that may also influence the decision. My hair is so healthy, that the shampoo guy won't use conditioner on it when I go for my salon services (he just doesn't "get it.)
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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