Kind of interested in parents of kids ages 7 and 4. LOL

Or if your kids are older, can you try to recall how mch you gave them at those ages?

I'm not trying to raise a pair of slugs! I want them to pitch in and help me out.

But not trying to heap too much on.

My 7 year old has always liked to help and work and (more recently) earn allowance. My 4 year old has always been lazy and, as the baby, likes getting everything done for him. I don't give him an alowance yet but I on't think that would motivate him at all, even if I did.

Both have to put their clothes away and pick up their toys.

Both have to empty their plate in the trashcan and put it in the sink.

7 yr old has to clean out the hamster cage. And every once in a while, make instant oatmeal or cold cereal for her and her brother if I'm running late.

This works pretty well for me.

But I get so frutrated that I have to constantly remind 7 yr old to bring her bookbag to school, and both of them not to leave their wet towels on the floor, not to leave her dirty clothes on the floor, to brush their teeth, to pee before we leave out, to wipe up a drink if it spills.

Am i expecting too much?

Do I really need to keep track of her bookbag and nag them both about brushing their own teeth??