Sounds like normal kids being kids!

In the morning I tell them to get dressed, brush their teeth, etc.

I pack their lunch and bags. This year, my 2nd grader is good at remembering her backpack, but last year I had to remind her everyday.

My 5 year old I have to tell her to do things a hundred times before they get done.

Sonedays I make them feed the animals. Somedays I just do it if I'm up first.

I make them clear their plates off the table. Throw their stuff in tge trash, etc, I do the rest.

I have them pick up their toys and stuff from the living room before they go upstairs.

After a bath I always have to remind them to pick up their clothes off the floor and into the hamper, and hang up their wet towels. They never remember on their own. I also remind them to brush their hair, and teeth before bed. Every few days when its out if control I make them clean up their playroom.

So I generally try to have them take care of themselves and clean up any messes they've made.

I do not believe in allowances. They're learning responsibility for themselves and helping to contribute toward the house. I don't feel that deserves an allowance.

They're 5 and 8.

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