I just read the entire thread-- thank you for posting you progress! Your hair is beautiful and your curls look amazing after sticking to CG faithfully. It is very encouraging!
I am starting my 3rd week of CG but yesterday I tried combing my ends in the hopes of keeping my individual coils separate and ended up with a frizzy fro, like I started with. Hopefully it won't take long for my strands to start clumping back together.
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Thank you very much! Yes, it takes patience but it will work! One thing that helped me was every now and then I would use the "tightly curly method" separating my curls by smoothing the conditioner down the small sectioned strands and it really helped train my hair to clump a little better.

You can google tightly curly method by Terri LaFlesche (hope I spelled that right) and she has video on her website to show this method. Again, I didn't do it every time because it took so long but every now an them and it helped with definition and smoothed out the frizz.