sfisher...I think you have more uniformity than you think. I just looked at your pics and your hair looks so pretty...and uniform. Maybe try the plopping-mousse-plopping thing I mentioned above. I am not sure of your hair thickness but it may work who knows?
To be really honest with you, I am more excited by the fact that I have shiny hair that doesn't feel like straw more than anything else.
I haven't had hair this shiny since gradeschool. Plus it is softer and I have discovered that after 15 years of dyeing that I really like my natural haircolor. It was a beast growing out but chopping it all off was a blessing in disguise.
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Well, thank you. I guess I always imagine that everyone else's curls are more uniform, shiney, and less frizzy than my own. Sometimes I get spirals in the front and I would just love if they happened all over. I actually haven't tried any mousse at all, and definitely haven't tried the plopping-mousse-plopping thing. I'll have to pick up that HE Totally Twisted mousse next time I see it and give that a try. The idea that excess water weighs your hair down while the mousse is drying (if you don't plop first) makes sense. My hair is medium thickness, but I swear it holds on to water for dear life. Do you just plop for a few minutes the first time around?
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