Agree - long curly hair doesn't have to be unruly. I worked with a woman who had long thick hair very much like mine. She washed and dried it and finished it with a curling iron so it was pretty perfect. I don't have that much skill or patience so mine isn't that refined.

I think it depends on the work environment and your hair style. If it's a very conservative environment and your curls are long and unruly, it may not be a fit. When I was looking for office work, I straightened my hair (to play it safe) and then after I got the job, I wore it curly.
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I agree with your first statement, but I do take exception to the phrase, "long and unruly" - curls can be long and not unruly, and they can be short and wild. Let's remember that length is not a condition of how kempt, or unkempt, one's hair is, just as curly or straight is not.
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