I have twin boys with very different hair textures. AJ's hair is soft, but doesn't have much of a curl pattern to it. It stays moisturized really well and is fairly manageable. I'm guessing he is a 4b because he doesn't have curls, but it is so easy to do. It never gets tangled or anything. BJ's hair is the complete opposite. He has spiral curls and very curly hair everywhere. It has major shrinkage, but is probably at least 6 or 7 inches when stretched. I'm guessing he is between a 3c. His hair has a really nice sheen to it, but gets super dry and tight. His hair gets tangled, poofy when brushed out, and is a nightmare to do. I'm a my whit's end but know that his curls will stay beautiful if I figure out what to do with his hair. He has beautiful curls, but they are so prone to dryness. Would it be okay to cowash their hair everyday, or is that too much for a young child? I feel like their hair could use the moisture. Is there any type of protective style to use to keep the hair from losing moisture so quickly? What is a hair routine for boys this young? And no, I don't want to cut their hair yet!!!