Hmmm...if the tips of your lashes are brushing against your lids have you thought about concentrating the mascara at the base of your lashes instead? If that doesnt give enough of an eye-brightening effect, then just lightly apply mascara to the tips.

How do you apply your mascara? Do you hold the wand horizontally, and sweep from the base upwards? Or do you hold it vertically and sweep back and forth? The latter is great for coating all sides of your lashes, but that isnt a good thing in this case. Try wrapping a kleenex around your finger and holding it against the back of your lashes before applying mascara. Hold the wand horizontally. That all should keep you from getting much mascara on the back of your lashes. Or you could use clear mascara on the the tips instead. Other than that, I dont know what to suggest. HTH

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