My friend keeps trying to convince me that getting back with her ex isn't an incredibly stupid thing to do. I refuse to engage. Every time she talks about it I just nod and say some version of, "Do whatever makes you happy." She knows I'm holding back, because we've know each other so long that she knows exactly what I think about these types of things, but I know that no matter what I say she's going to get back with the POS, so I really just don't want to talk about it at all. I guess because she knows how I think she figures if she can convince me then things will be fine?

To give you an idea of how bad the whole situation is...they were engaged before the last breakup, and the priest they were going to for their premarital counseling flat out told her that this guy had major issues (chief among them his relationship with his mother) and kept asking her if she was sure she wanted to marry him. This priest was incredulous that she was marrying a man like him. When a priest and I are in agreement you know it's serious.

*Sigh* She's totally getting back together with this fool.
Eres o te haces?