Hi everyone!

My girl has a 3A/3B hair. I learned how to take care of her hair, but lately her hair has change a lot.

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but the roots of her hair, specially in the top of her head, are more wavy (or less curly :P), but the ends are still very curly.

I braid her hair during the night and in the morning I use some water with conditioner and that helps to "revive" the curl, but during the day (usually in the day care) her hair gets frizzy, specially in the top, and lose definition.

I was using garnier curl sculpting cream but I think it was drying her hair.

These are the products I'm using now... Tresemme luxurious moisture shampoo (once a week), loreal vive pro hydra gloss conditioner (every two days) and pantene 2-minute deep conditioner (I love this one! I use this once a week, but in the morning I use a bit of product diluted in water to revive her curls). That's all.

She has 3 years old and I don't want to use harmful products in her hair.

Any advice please!?

(Sorry for my english and the long post!)