I'm surprised that your low porosity hair takes a long time to dry, unless you have a ton of it. My hair is highly porous and that is usally an issue with porous hair.

As far as will it take less time to dry if you skipped it? Probably not. Would it keep your hair from allowing the moisture in? Not if you have started off with warmer water to open the cuticle to allow the moisture in to begin with. Will it add shine? Definitely.

All in all, it's up to you.

eta the reason that the cold water rinse reduces frizz is that it does lay down the cuticle. That's also how it adds shine.
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I've always read the opposite. Low porosity is has difficulty absorbing and giving up moisture, high porosity absorbs and gives up moisture easily.

I have low porosity hair, and unfortunately not much of it thanks to age, thyroid and medication I take. My hair is chin length bob. I wet, use a rinse out and style every day. Wrap in Curlease towel while I dress, etc., use a CLU to scrunch out the water and diffuse for 5 minutes with a professional dryer. It still takes my hair several hours to dry. When I worked (and before I used products), it would still be damp 5 hours later without the curl towels.
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It's TOTALLY not true for my hair. I do always follow with a cold distilled water rinse though, so maybe that has something to do with it in my case. Although it could also be the sheer volume of hair I have. I definitely absorb easily, and all my porosity tests have pointed to high porosity mostly due to coloring. Maybe it's time to retest.

eta I just retested and am changing my porosity to normal to high. Most of the hair other than where I have left over highlights has normal. If it weren't for the highlights it would all be normal. Which explains why my hair holds water so well if coupled with the amount I have.
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