Going gray is not about looking old for me - I'm lucky to have youthful genetics. I've seen women with gray who are drop dead beautiful at various ages. I was born a golden blonde and after childbirth it started to turn dark, dingy blonde, almost brown - my mama called it "dishwater blonde." Same thing happened to my blonde children. I spent a long time very light blonde to please my husband and never felt it flattered my skin. After the divorce I went to a soft strawberry blonde/red which was better with green eyes and peachy skin tone. Around age 53 the silver started popping in on the very top - like a spotlight! The texture is still silky, not wirey like some have. Unfortunately the gray is not silver everywhere - it's a dingy brownish slate. Some places it is white. I would go gray in a minute if it flattered my skin. I've settled by keeping it a warm honey blonde with lighter highlights. I do get tired of being a slave to touch-ups but it's about having a color that is flattering to your face and eyes. I envy women who have pretty gray, I really do.