Hello girls! i am sure all of this has been discussed many times, i am new to this site, but have been researching this website for a while, and just now getting used to new terms. I have been using wen for a year and sickkkk of spending money. My hair did get better and my scalp is practically healed but i am guessing its due to no shampoo method. I just went to drug store and bought VO5 strawberry cream conditioner, suave naturals coconut milk. Any advises what should i use as co-wash, and as leave - in or i need a third one, or to start this is ok? also which deep conditioner and occasional cleaning shampoo you recommend. Cheaper the better,because i already have 1000s expensive items. i currently use aveda aloe and aved humecade pomade. My hair is red very wavy course and loooove to freeze. Any help would be appreciated. thank you