Hi Honeycurls!

Ive been searching for an at home keratin treatment. ive read your posts and you seem to be the only one who really seems to know what theyre talking about lol. im a 3b hair type and live in south florida with sooo much humidity. ive read up on keratin and want to know your opinion for doing one at home. ive read that you recommend qod for hair types like mine. im scared b/c ive had a perm and all my hair fell out....so naturally im apprehensive about ANY hair treatment. i think keratin is the answer to some of my problems but would like some one on one help with someone who knows what she is talking about. qod is a bit expensive for me, is there any other that you have heard about that might be a bit less expensive and effective as well? and are there any tips that you might offer for a first timer? i appreciate any help you can give...ive done A LOT of research, but can recognize knowledge when i see it. i registered for this site just to speak with you lol! hope to hear from you soon oh yeah, your private messages are full, please delete some so i can talk to you, hope im not overstepping