Hi Ladies!

I have been low pooing with Elucence Moisture Benefits and Mop C but they are not helping with my frizz factor or build up. I've tried CJ Daily Fix but that seemed to give me a greasy slick look and Deva no poo was even worse. Cowashing with Suave Coconut and a vo5 condish (I forget which one) lead to an extremely itchy and oily scalp. I use CG friendly conditioners, gels and mousses but I always seem to get white gunk under my fingernails even with the low poos that I'm currently using. I have a naturally oily complexion as well. Oh and I've tried the baking soda and condish thing quite a few times but ended up with a tangly frizzy oily mess, lol.

I would love your feedback especially if you have fine hair that is easily weighed down! I see some Daily fix on the swap board and I'm tempted to give it a try again. But I would love to know what works for you girls!

Please Help,
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