Wavesnwheels -- Which Pantene mousse is it that you like? Is it CG-friendly?

Beebop -- Oh no about the ingredients change on the AOMM! Mine must be an old bottle since it doesn't list glycerin or soy bean oil. I got it on Amazon, so that might be the place to check if you want to get the old formulation. Thanks for the heads-up, too, on the Noodle Head mousse! I was really wanting to try it, but I might stay away since I've been having problems with glycerin.

The Tigi mousse is the Curlesque Strong Mousse. (The Strong one is CG, but the Light hold one isn't.) I like it, but it definitely works better with the Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier Cream! In fact, I might re-visit that duo since it works so well in my hair. I just hate how the Curls Rock cream smells so chemically! Oh, and the CR Amplifier does have a 'cone in it, but supposedly it's one of those 'cones that evaporates out. Like you, I have fine 2C/3A waves, and it really perks them up!
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well I found out on another thread that Aubrey didn't actually changed the formula for the AOMM, it was a new FDA regulation on how they list the ingredients and those things were part of another ingredient already in it but I guess in very small amounts or a by product of the ingredient. So I'm excited I don't have to go out and look for a new curl enhancer!
I'll have to take a look at the Curlesque Mousse since I always like the way TIGI products smell but I know they aren't very "natural". I try to go with simpler is better and more on the natural side if I can.
Try the condition 3 in 1 if you have a CVS or Walgreens near you it's on the bottom shelf, hopefully you'll like it as much as me.
Curly in AZ-2c-3a/Cherub/fine-med. texture/high porosity/normal elasticity/highlighted
Wash-Desert essence mango, Giovanni pineapple ginger, Dermorganic curl cleanser
Cond.- Desert essence mango, Giovanni pineapple ginger, Dermorganic curl conditioner
Leave In- Conditioner large pea size
Stylers- Condition 3-in-1 mousse, Biologe mousse, Bioterra gel, Paul Mitchell sculpting foam,original sprout gel, BRHG,O'right golden rose serum, Shaper hairspray for extra hold.