I'm confused what can and can't get someone banned and how the rules are being applied.

It appears that on other boards the first rule of fight club is not to ask about it, but I figure since we keep getting directed over here, maybe this is the place to be.

People have ALWAYS quoted posts for posterity when they knew someone was likely to delete their post. Whether it's before or after the fact doesn't seem 1) as if it should be a bannable offense and 2) as if it's even against the rules, as we've just about all done it without getting any sort of warnings.

I am just totally confused because, despite the fact I think many times in the past RCW did things which perhaps deserved banning, it looks like there was just a swoop in and ban for something where I didn't think it was deserved at least from remaining evidence on the board. And in general, I never know how/if some sort of moderation will be used.

I don't mind tighter moderation if it makes any kind of sense, and not allowing us to ask for clarification when it's used in nonsensical ways just makes me want to stay away. Add to it the new pop-up ads... from my perspective, you're shooting yourselves in the feet, as I have no desire to express anything on the boards right now, and have already noticed how quiet it's getting.
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!