I have really thick, frizzy 3B hair, and I absolutely LOVE what mousse does for it!!! I had been using gel a lot after reading about it all over this website, so I started using it because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. But all it did was make my hair really stringy with tiny, frizzy curls. I had always thought that was just because that was how my hair was naturally supposed to be. Then I decided to go back to my good 'ol routine of using Pantene ProV Healthy Curls mousse on top of a FrizzEase cream, and I love how my hair looks now!! It makes my curls really clumpy and bouncy, and I can get actual ringlets with it because it is so light and it distributes easily. I like how it holds really well without being sticky. I may use a tiny amount of gel for any of the curls that get fluffy, but I don't apply it all over my hair.

In other words, I would say that you should do whatever works best for you, even if it goes against what some of this forum says. Routines simply depend on your own hair type and texture. I always get the best results when I just stick to my faithful routine that works best for me.