Also, I know you mentioned trying CJ Daily Fix. Have you Tried DevaCurl No-Poo? I found it to be a bit less moisturizing than Daily Fix, which could be helpful. I also suffered with very oily roots for a long time and I unknowingly went CG over two years ago when a stylist recommended the DevaCurl line to me. I went from daily sulfate washes to daily No-Poo and didn't notice any transitioning issues.
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Yes, I tried Devacurl No-Poo and I ended up greasier than with Daily fix. Plus I couldn't stand the smell of it, lol. I wish no poos would work for me though! I am tempted to try the L'oreal cleansing creme but I fear the same greasy root situation. I guess I could always swap it or even return it

You are lucky you didn't have any transition issues. Even with the low poos I am using my hair is really greasy by day 2, I can see the oil on my fingers if I rub my scalp and my head gets itchy. I can't wait to get my new shampoo!

Thanks for your help!