If we want better, we need to make it happen for us. Those around us don't get it. They may want to, but they don't. So let's get better because we are ready to be better!
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Minxy, this entire post was amazing and full of exactly what I need to hear/read right now, especially this bit and its acknowledgement that those around us don't get it. Hugs forever.

My mom also convinced me to start a to-do list. Of easy things, so that I can cross stuff off it and get a bit of a boost at accomplishing stuff. And it works. A bit.

And I love where your mind went with all of it.
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I do love to-do lists! Or I did before and want to again. Same difference, really. Since I first realized that I was depressed and needed something other than "just do stuff, self, or I'll continue to berate you" to recover, I have tried making to-do lists to get back on track, and they have worked in short spurts, but I always seem to wreck things by either insisting on forcing ALL of the things into one list or making list items like "contact all friends and both professors," basically dooming myself to failure by way of fits of anxiety. I need to seriously crack down on my tendency to try to force myself to be okay again. Maybe once I have a therapist I can share my lists with her/him and then I won't be so tempted to do such things.

And thanks! I do enjoy a good flight of fancy.

I love reading the silly things everyone's made of! Especially seeing that others contain a dash of T-Rex.

I can appreciate spiders from afar/behind glass, unlike buzzing swarms of things that need to STAY THE FRACK OFF MY TV SCREEN FOREVER, but when they get too close, they're still bugs and I still need them gone ASAP. Spiders in the tub are kind of a regular occurrence in my house, though, so not something I run away from. I can handle killing them, but I prefer when they scurry away when I blow on them, especially if they're daddy long legs. There's actually this one spider, species unknown, that's been living in my bathroom for awhile and has had the foresight to stay out of the tub when I go to take a shower and never crawl in my general direction, and I've been content to let it live as a result. This fits pretty well with the hilarious observations that both "die" and "pies" can come out of their name (Saria and CE, have I told you how much you rock lately?). Anything that can swarm and/or fly, though? No. I don't care if your very existence is somehow responsible for making puppies and kittens cute, I REFUSE. YOU LEAVE OR YOU DIE, TINY BEASTS OF BADNESS.

...It's a siggie.