I know we may moan a little about how frizzy our hair can get or when our curls don't do what we like or when people make rude comments but I thought we could have a thread especially for our favourite things about having curly hair! I don't know if there is/was a topic like this already but I thought it could be good to look through for anyone having a "I hate my hair" day.

My favourite things about having curly hair are, how versatile it is for a start. Even though it takes a lot of effort I could blowdry and have it keep the style for a couple of days with curls only peeking through a little, whereas my friend with very straight hair tried curling her hair and I kid you not it only lasted for about an hour or 2 before it was completely straight again.

I also love the way there is such a variety in curls, some are thick, some thin, some are very tight and springy and some are loose and wavy but they all look gorgeous!

What are your favourite things?
Greek Cypriot with:
3a curls
Medium Density
Low Porosity
Medium Width
Chest Length
Botticelli pattern
and a sensitive scalp

Been loving my curls for about 3 years now

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