They're so lazy. So lazy. Pea greens never get washed, and I know from washing them that there is a fair amount of dirt.

They never change containers over, which is why I always take longer breaking down at the end of the night. I'm not just poorly wrapping everything and putting it away (yes, there's a good and bad way to wrap things). This is partly why things spoil on them. You have to check things and change the containers so you don't have food sitting in wet containers with rapidly growing bacteria!
I had four days off. Come back and the scallops that I put in a sixth pan, with parchment between the layers (as opposed to their throwing them all in there) are in the same pan sitting in a pool of liquid.

I make a batch of steamed rice every weekend, because occasionally we get orders for it and they could never be bothered to just have some ready and would then have to cook rice to order. Of course I found the same rice there.
I made them a late night family meal of ham hock, bacon, and scallop fried rice.
Twas awesome.

I put the fear of making gnocchi over the weekend in the cook who was going to be working there. He actually asked me if we didn't have any frozen. Seriously? Yes, we have, but we're running out. You need to make more because that's how it should be --- you stay ahead on things that can be done ahead of time.
Apparently he made the dough and that was it. If you make gnocchi dough you need to finish it. Gnocchi dough that sits around gets wet and sticky and is basically really annoying to work with. Plus of course it sat and oxidized anyway. So, basically, you didn't even try at all.

Vegetables that I made last week, which of course should have been tossed were still there. First thing I did was immediately throw them out because I knew they'd be spoiled. They just can't do that. Throwing stuff out means you now know new product has to be made, and so ignoring and pretending becomes slightly harder!

Chicken scraps from before I left were still in the walk-in. I dreaded unwrapping the container to toss the contents out. Thankfully the stench wasn't quite as foul as I had prepared myself for.

Mango salsa that I made I think two days before I left was still there. It's for crab cakes, which are on the room service menu, meaning they're available at all times. But they don't even check to see if the stuff is still good. Nope, pass that buck. Pass it till the next chump throws it out and makes new ones.

And I know that lowboy hadn't been cleaned since I left. I know what it should look like when it's cleaned every night!
I'm going to run the station lids through the dishwasher today. They're ****ing grimy.

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