Question for any MAC heads:

WTF with the Face and Body foundation? I saw on that MAC is repromoting it in 50 mL containers as of Wednesday and it appears permanent. The 50mL size will be $27, while the 120 mL container was $33. That is TRIPLE the price per oz. Does anyone know about this? Will the large size be available at PRO stores? Anyone? Anything? I am mildly panicked.
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From my understanding, its been reformulated. When I tried it a while back, it would streak after about 2-3 hours. I've heard that a lot of people had that complaint. You might be able to find it at the CCO in the old formulation in the larger bottles. I'm going to the CCO near me this weekend...shoot me the color via PM and I'll let you know if I find it. If you like the formulation as might want to stock pile it now.
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