I just talked to the girl at the CCO and she said they haven't sent them any of the face and body yet. She suggested you try the website under goodbyes...it might still be listed there. I've also seen the old formulas at the counter...i didn't even know it was being reformulated until Naturalista told me when she went to MAC Pro in NYC a few days ago.

That's messed up they are marking up the price and making the bottle smaller. I also heard that the lippies for the Marylin Monroe collection were going to retail for $18 rather than $15. As long as they don't mess with my Matchmaster foundation we will be alright.
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@ bolded #1 - MAC says they are not reformulating. They are introducing the small bottle for sale at non MAC stores. They say they are keeping both sizes (so they say, but my order from this morning could not be fulfilled). The smaller size is to compete with the MUFE face and body (again, so they say - I am researching replacements)

@ bolded #2 - that is crappy, 'cause that's all I want. Plus, I hear that it's actually STICKERS on the packages. What kinda mess is that?

They have not gotten any Face and Body at my CCO either, but they never do so I assumed it never came there.
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