Michelle is a politician's wife - particularly THEE president's. She understands and is comfortable with the role she chose. Her DNC speech wasn't about highlighting her personal accomplishments, but more about helping to push her husband into a second term. Sorry, but that's the way it is. She knows that, and her pre-presidency accomplishments aren't dimmed because of it.

Nothing wrong with "standing by your man", and if Barack Obama was my man, (Lawd have MUCH mercy!), I'd stand by him (and wherever else he wanted me to stand) too. I'm sure he has her back, or she wouldn't have chosen him to be her life partner. She gets to choose who she wants to be, and it doesn't have to line up with what "we" think her agenda should be, as a woman.

Sometimes we need to let people be, without feeling the need to break them down, to the lowest denominator.

Michelle is a baaa-ad sista - the end.
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