I guess I am a firm believer in this day and age if you have the money and the resources are available, why not.
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Why not, you ask? My question is why take the risk?

Complications include (1) hematoma, (2) nerve injuries, (3) infection, (4) skin flap necrosis, (5) hypertrophic scarring, (6) alopecia and hairline/earlobe deformities, and (7) parotid gland pseudocyst.
So-called minimally invasive procedures such as barbed suture lifting have emerged.[1] With these and other recent minimally invasive procedures, such as thread lifts, new complications have been reported, including Stensen duct laceration and suture visibility and extrusion.
An example of facelift surgery complications can be seen in the image below.

I guess if it is worth the gamble to "look better" and of course that is still debatable, then go ahead and spend a ton of money and the time it takes to recover. I'm just not sure it will make your life any better. But yeah, it is still someone's personal decision.

I simply don't like living in a society that denigrates our older populatuion and the natural effects of aging, and then places such a value upon artificial appearance. But I'm weird that way.