Hi- so happy to find this site. Just started CG 3 weeks ago after many years of blow drying it straight only to be so frustrated with slight weather change. Also arms are tired! I have also been transitioning to grey for past year-with last highlight low lights about 3 months ago.
I think I am a 2a/b most days, and not sure of porosity and texture yet, chin length layered bob. I live in a coastal town so we have lots of humidity and dew points to deal with on most days. Hair gets fat when very humid. I plan to get cut from curly hairdresser soon so I think that will really help with how things look. Trying to find the right products will be fun.Have tried KMF shampoo and VO5kiwi(cowash),Tressome Naturals (RO), KMF gel, HE tousled mousse,LA beachy waves-- when hi dew have tried KC shampoo,kcnt as RO and kccc--havent figured amount yet-1st time hair was stringy and 2nd day not so goo--yecht-next time maybe not enough. all trial and error--willing to play for now! My hair may still be recovering from silicone and sulfate withdrawal. will post picture when I figure it out.
Sorry so long--will keep you informed with my journey!
2a/b? fine high porosity, growing out highlights to transition to grey

CG 8/12