during my 13 years here, y'all have been with me through temporary jobs that i've loved (like the research lab i worked at when i joined this place) and lots of temp jobs that i hated, through my 7 years with the tax auditors and especially the uncertainty while i tried to get reassigned to another Ministry.

i know i've said this a LOT over the past 15 months about the job i landed in, but oh my goodness...

i LOVE my boss!

yeah, it was pretty awful while he was off for those 10 weeks, but today we were chatting about a few things including the fact that we don't have enough people to run our French lessons in the courthouse. he said he would be very happy to pay the training cost for me to attend if i wanted to.

there was never a training budget at my old office because they were eliminating the Ministry.

then he told me that our office will be partnering with the local school board, university and two community colleges in order to start attending job fairs to tell students about the jobs available in court services outside of police and lawyers. the cabinet office estimates that about 1/3 of our workforce will be eligible to retire within the next 5 to 10 years, so we need to market ourselves as a desirable employer.

he thinks that *I* would be an excellent person to do this outreach!


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